ACT music and KUU! are  releasing the next album Lampedusa Lullaby in August 31th 18!

Uber-sharp swirl. KUU! finds its way on paths paved with two guitars: Frank Möbus plinks delicious raindrop notes, and like something out of a dream, guitarist Kalle Kalima carves the very air.  The magnificent jazz-punk cascades of drummer Christian Lillinger. Singer Jelena Kuljić sings supreme with a voice of steel and dark chocolate. This music is its own theatre, hectic modern noir. Touch it now! KUU!’s debut album “Sex gegen Essen” was released by Shoebill Music in March 2014. The second album “Lampedusa Lullaby” is coming out August 31th 2018 thanks to ACT music.

Jelena Kuljić – vocals

Jelena Kuljić, born in Serbia in 1976, completed her studies in jazz singing at the Berlin Jazz Institute in 2008. In addition to her band “Yelena K & The Love Trio” (Double Moon Records, 2010) she initiated other projects, such as “Y Move” (Minor Music, 2006), “Fasil” (ECM, 2009), “KUU!” (shoebill music, 2014) and “Z-Country Paradise” (Z-Paradise Records, 2015). As musician and actress she is working in the most prominent theatres in Europe, such as Volksbühne Berlin, Schaubühne Berlin, Burgtheater Vienna, etc. Starting with the 2015/16 season Jelena Kuljić is a permanent member of the Münchner Kammerspiele ensemble.


Kalle Kalima – guitar

Kalima has released albums with his group Klima Kalima and with the group Johnny La Marama. He has worked with many musicians, such as trumpet player Tomasz Stanko, sax player Anthony Braxton, and bass players Sirone and Greg Cohen, guitarist Marc Ducret, composer Simon Stockhausen, drummer Tony Allen and singer Linda Sharrock. He is also playing with Jimi Tenor, Finnish underground pop star.

Frank Möbus – guitar

Möbus is leading the group Der Rote Bereich (ACT, Intakt) and is a member of Carlos Bica Azul (Enja, Clean Feed), Erdmann/Rohrer 4tett (Intakt), Raw Vision (Unit Records) and Wiesendanger/Möbus/Hemingway. He has worked with Ray Anderson, Kenny Wheeler, Louis Sclavis, Mark Helias, Chris Speed, Han Bennink, John Davis, Kevin Coyne, etc. Since 2006 he has been working as a producer for several artists.

Christian Lillinger – drums

Lillinger plays in the Trio Hyperactive Kid. He is leading the group GRUND, which has released 2 albums on the Clean Feed label. 2013 he became the Composition Grant from the city of Berlin. He has worked with Joachim Kühn, Beat Furrer, Zeitkratzer, John Tchicai, David Liebmann, Joe Lovano, Miroslav Vitous, Tony Malaby and others.